Agile Retrospective: Strike a Pose

Many of the Sprint Retrospectives conducted by Agile teams lack energy and engagement. Most teams seems to follow a standard format and never experiment. This is unfortunate.

However, more and more teams are viewing this foundational Scrum event (aka ceremony) — the Sprint Retrospective — as critical for their inspect and adapt cycle. Can you name the other two events that a key to inspecting and adapting as a team?

Recently, I created a simple activity when I was participating in an Open Space conference. This retrospective exercise involves each person’s entire body to convey feelings, thoughts, and challenges. I call it Strike a Pose — inspired by the pop song entitled Vogue

Retrospective - Strike a Pose pictures

Strike a Pose Retrospective Examples

Materials needed:

  • None, only the people in the team

Setting the Stage for the Retrospective (about 1 minute):

  • Explain how each person expresses information through non-verbal actions
  • We will each strike a pose to show how we are feeling about this Sprint to each other
  • Then we will explain our reasoning for the pose
  • Others may ask questions

Running the Retrospective (about 10-30 minutes):

  • We will all have about 1 minute to think about the best pose that will showcase how we feel and think about the Sprint
  • Then we will rotate through all members so that each can show the pose, explain further, and answer any questions
  • At the end it may be useful for the facilitator to help the team to think about any common themes, poses, or comments shared by the group
  • As always, try to identify any actions for the team to advance

Once the Retrospective is Complete (about 5 minutes):

  • Ask for feedback to continue your own learning journey
  • Reflect on the team’s experience and how it was facilitated
  • Consider sharing how this was done with others

Let me know if you try this out and how it went. I love getting feedback to continue my own learning journey.

Keep on experimenting!

Warm regards,

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