Learning Through Agile Coaching at PatientWay

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to coach an Agile team in Ottawa at PatientWay (used to be known as Infonium). PatientWay focuses on created software solutions for the healthcare industry. Jay Lawrence, CEO and Founder of PatientWay, contacted us at Berteig Consulting to help them use OpenAgile to deliver value more frequently and to become an empowered team.

I have been working with this team for many weeks during May to July 2009. The team included developers, testers, and managers. I was on-site for 10 days and spent a few other days coaching the team through phone and email. The process included assessment, training, coaching and consulting. There were frequent times set aside for one-on-one discussion with Jay to check and review progress being made.

I have learned much from this experience.

  1. By starting with a one-day assessment with my colleague Travis Birch, I have set a baseline on which to improve and to gauge the team’s progress with using and adopting OpenAgile.
  2. Using training to set expectations and to achieve a common understanding of OpenAgile helped the team overcome misconceptions, figure out how they will use OpenAgile, and to identify obstacles in the environment and in the culture.
  3. Coaching an Agile team involves much observation, plenty of conversations, some guidance, and continuous learning and adaptation.

Overall the experience was great and Jay seemed very happy with the result. Here is a quote from Jay

“OpenAgile has been revolutionary for our company… really big impact.”

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