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As a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), I need to do many things to help my team. I recently attended a CSM seminar with Mishkin Berteig, and it was awesome!

It is broader than practices, it also includes principles and examining culture as well.

Practices of a ScrumMaster
Ensures that the team follows the rules of Scrum

Removes obstacles that stop the team from delivering value Facilitates the meetings in Scrum

“The ScrumMaster is a “servant leader”, helping the rest of the Scrum Team follow their process.  The ScrumMaster must have a good understanding of the Scrum framework and the ability to train others in its subtleties.”
Great website:

Principles that are important for a ScrumMaster
The Agile Manifesto, which states…

  • individual and interactions over processes and tool
  • working software over comprehensive documentation
  • customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • responding to change over following a plan

Inspect & Adapt This is the concept of looking at, reflecting on, and then adjusting how a group functions and works together. This is extremely valuable!

Stages of a Team

  • forming
  • storming
  • norming
  • performing

With all of this in mind and much more to consider, I can see why a ScrumMaster / Scrum Master is a full time job!

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