Scrum 1-2-3: The Product Owner

What is a Product Owner? What is he responsible for? Who does he manage? What does he do?

Scrum has three roles: Team, ScrumMaster, and Product Owner. The Product Owner is a single individual who is full-time in this role. He is a member of the Scrum team and has unique responsibilities. He is responsible for the product vision and order of the work to be completed. He is not a manager of any individual. He is the manager of the product vision.

Product Owner Responsibilities
A key duty of the Product Owner is to maximize value of the product. He does this by prioritizing/ordering the list of work that the team will take on (it is called the Product Backlog). He is responsible for managing this list and re-ordering whenever he wishes – could be based on industry, new opportunities, or even just common sense. The Product Owner is also responsible for getting feedback from all the stakeholders and users of the product to be able to make informed decisions on what is the highest priority item on the Product Backlog. To do all of this, the Product Owner must have the authority and understanding to make decisions at a moments notice. He also needs to be present with the team most of the time so that when questions arise, he can answer within moments not hours.

The Product Owner role is very demanding and requires plenty of courage. He is a critical member of the team that connects the developers to the rest of the stockholders in the organization.

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