Scrum 1-2-3: The ScrumMaster

What is a ScrumMaster? Is he the master of Scrum? Is he the boss? Who is the boss of the ScrumMaster? What does the ScrumMaster do?

Let’s clear a few up. The ScrumMaster is the not the master of Scrum, he is more like a master of ceremonies – helping to guide the process and people. The ScrumMaster is not the boss – the Scrum team is a self-managed entity with no boss. The ScrumMaster is a member of the Scrum team, therefore has no boss. The ScrumMaster basically does a few things and that’s it.

ScrumMaster Responsibilities
The most important duty of a ScrumMaster is to make sure Scrum is well understood and practiced. He does this by explaining its principles, showing its process, engaging with the team, and connecting with others outside the team. Also the ScrumMaster must also help remove obstacles that stand in the way of the team’s progress. He can do this by removing them himself, enlisting others to take care of them, rallying the team to overcome them, and/or even sparking a change in policy or rules in the organization. Another important responsibility of the ScrumMaster is facilitate the Scrum meetings. These include the Sprint Planning meeting, the Daily Scrum meeting, the Sprint Review meeting, and the Sprint Retrospective meeting. Another important duty is build capacity of his fellow team members. It is critical to help build up their skills in using Scrum and helping do the same. If this is not done, then Scrum will not be sustainable in the long term.

Being a ScrumMaster is quite hard. It takes patience, perseverance, kindness, a vision, and plenty of support from others. If you are thinking of becoming a ScrumMaster, adopt a mode of learning – this will make your job so much easier.

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