Stop “Agile” Initiatives

Agile Open Toronto 2014 was great! It was wonderful seeing so many friends from around the country and meeting new friends. And I received plenty of amazing hugs – which always brings me happiness.

I had the honour of co-leading two sessions with Michael Sahota (who is an amazing guy). The first one was titled: Stop “Agile” Initiatives. Both this one and the second post entitled Red Pill vs Blue Pill were great!


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First we started explaining on how doing an “Agile Initiative” can be damaging. Many times at organizations, the project focus is Agile. But what is the benefit of Agile as an end goal? I am not sure that there is one. As a group, we talked about focusing on measurable results and how this can be more beneficial then doing Agile for Agile’s sake…

Stop Agile Initiatives - Summary

Stop Agile Initiatives – Summary

Next we talked about the damage that each of us caused by doing Agile stuff or focusing on Agile instead of other things.

I Caused Damage by Agile...

I Caused Damage by Agile…

I Caused Damage by Agile - 2

I Caused Damage by Agile…

After us practicing honesty and transparency, we discussed when real change happened in our organizations.

Real change happened when

Real change happened when…

It was an amazing session with wonderful contributors and participation.

Stop Agile Initiatives - Contributors

Stop Agile Initiatives – Contributors

So how does this resonate with you? What have your experiences been? What was your experience at organizations that do Agile for the sake of Agile? If so, what happened? If not, how did the organization use Agile to enable a vision or goal for the company?


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