What Makes a Great Team Room?

Through plenty of learning and much experience, I have found that there are fundamental elements needed for a great team space. Based on an article by Mishkin Berteig entitled: 8 Team Room Tips, I will grade an example team room.

  1. Light, Air & Nature: Well the example team room has large almost floor to ceiling windows on one wall, the air circulation is good, and large plants that are in the room. GRADE: 5/5
  2. Layout: This team room has all of the team members in the same room together with plenty of desk space. There is a boardroom down the hall for private calls and meetings. And, it has plenty of wall space for whiteboards and sticky notes. GRADE: 5/5
  3. Ergonomics: The chairs are really comfortable, the desks can be adjusted to almost any height, and the team is free to use any equipment that will help. GRADE: 5/5
  4. Privacy: It has a boardroom down the hall for privacy. But that is it, no other spaces for team members to get away. GRADE: 3/5
  5. Personalization: The team is small, so each person gets one large desk to personalize. Some have pictures, notes, and other items. GRADE: 5/5
  6. Visibility to Outsiders: The majority of the organization is in the room, with the exception of the financial officer who is about 10 minutes drive away. GRADE: 3/5
  7. Convenience: The printers are in the same room, the kitchen is down the hall, the library is in the hall, the board room is down the hall, and the bathroom is just outside the office. GRADE 5/5
  8. Noise: Not a problem as the team is in a quiet and somewhat relaxed area of town. GRADE: 5/5

Overall score: /36/40, also known as an A!

So, how does your team space rate? Are you lucky enough to have a team space or is the team at desks at the office or, even worse, the team is distributed across locations?

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