Certified agile training to build your skills

Looking to improve your skills and abilities in your current role?

Are you currently in seeking ways to solve your own or team's challenges? Does your current approach to project management lack effectiveness? Did your company recently adopt an Agile approach to work and you don't know how to shift and make it work?

This can be frustrating or even scary. I get it. My name is Paul J. Heidema and I've spent the last 10+ years helping teams, management, and organizations improve their way of working using Agile. This is an effective way of thinking and acting. Our Certified Agile Training teaches you the foundational knowledge, skills, habits, and approaches to solve your problems and become effective right away.

Hosted by my company -- SparkActa Inc. -- we offer the ICAgile Certified Professional training to get you the skills you need for success!

Looking to improve your agile way of working?

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What you will be able to do at the end of our agile training

  • Explain the thinking behind the Agile Manifesto and relate the ideas to their own experiences and context.
  • Relate the important characteristics of the agile mindset to their own context and identify areas for individual growth.
  • Apply tools and techniques to create a common shared understanding within a team or project context.
  • Describe the differences between teams that are self-organized and those who rely on more management direction.
  • Build a product backlog and identify what it should contain.
  • Illustrate the implications of frequent interruptions vs. limiting WIP to different aspects of work, including technical delivery.
  • Demonstrate techniques for identifying and categorizing various types of users/customers and for obtaining feedback from them.
  • Demonstrate progressive elaboration on a backlog and show how estimation can be done in the face of uncertainty.
  • Experience retrospectives in action and relate the use of retrospective techniques to their own context and experience.

Ready to up your game with agile practices?

Register for one of my upcoming classes to learn the techniques and concepts for exceptional results.

Participant Testimonials

"The training was well executed and provided wonderful insight to how Agile is able to help not only the organization but the individual. I’m very excited to be able to utilize the skills I’ve learned and partner with my team to elevate our work for the customer."
Taya Lichtenberg
"Paul J. Heidema and Gurbindar Biln taught my company a wonderful Agile course. We not only enjoyed it (which is amazing for a two all-day long, weekend class) but it will definitely be a benefit to me personally and my organization as far as our success at work."
Keith Imlay